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” I have suffered for 14 years with hemorrhoids disorders, after numerous appointments with doctors who only diagnosed my condition and told me how it developed but never helped me escape this nightmare, I can safely say that your program was the most effective as far as understanding the source of my painful hemorrhoids and overcoming this vicious cycle without drugs or lotions. Thank you for a marvelous work. ”

Veronica, Ireland

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” I had a very painful hemorrhoids condition along with severe fissures. I took meds to treat my condition but I never seemed to be able to get rid of it. I was really in an unbearable condition, and you have truly saved my life. I did not realize what REALLY caused my hemorrhoids to appear in the first place…but your program made me understand what was going on inside my body! It has now been 10 months since I first implemented your 3-step approach, and I haven’t had a SINGLE hemorrhoid since. The constant itching and bleeding I suffered from for more than 8 years had simply disappeared. I go to the bathroom whenever I please without fear. The feeling is simply remarkable! Thank you so much, Jessica, for everything you have done for me… ”

Ronald G. – USA

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“The information and techniques presented in this book changed my life in a profound way. Not only have I become more regular, but I have the tools to combat every type of hemorrhoid if it will ever re-appear. Whether you have mild hemorrhoids, or are simply a human being, I GUARANTEE this book is worth your time. This is the real stuff: researched based and tested over and over again. This is a great book. There are lots of brief “case studies” which help explain the concepts, and many suggestions for relieving the pain of hemorrhoids and their awful symptoms from your life. It was recommended very highly to me – I would encourage others either with hemorrhoids disorders or that have friends or family with this disorder to read it!”

Lauren G. – UK

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” I ordered your guide at the end of last year because it was recommended reading for conquering hemorrhoids, piles and constipation. I loved it! Your program is just like having a real human guide you to freedom from this crippling conditions. I liked the practical step by step approach contrary to other material I have read in the past. I especially like the fact that your guide had included all the unique and different reasons why someone would have this condition and how to deal with it. Period. I have begun to see results almost immediately though I guess all of us are different and it may take a while for other folks but there is serious hope with your book. You have brought me back my health and a real sense of control in my life. The program was written in everyday language were truly invaluable. Thank you for everything! “

Celine E. – South Africa

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Hemorrhoid No More Success Stories

Jessica Wright’s Hemorrhoid No More Program Contains All The Information You’ll Ever Need To Eliminate Your Hemorrhoids Permanently in Weeks, Without Using Drugs, Without Surgery and Without any side effects.


Hemorrhoid No More Success Stories

“Within 10 days, the awful hemorrhoids pain that had tormented my days and nights had gone!” Lisa Y, Finland

“The workable framework that you have outlined in the
guide has dramatically improved my condition…” Peter H, Germany

“I have started your program and the results were nothing short than astounding. My hemorrhoids had diminished to a such a low degree that they are completely manageable.”  Mike W, United Kingdom

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” In approx. 4 days, the pain was down significantly and so did the frequency of itching and bleeding, so I knew something was working!” Diana G, USA

“In less than 72 Hours my hemorrhoids have completely gone. I now live a normal life without the horrible bleeding, itching and pain!”  Susan B, USA

“It was definitely a real shocker that after 12 years of suffering from tormenting hemorrhoids I was completely free. My doctor was so embarrassed…Moreover, I am now feeling energized and full of life. Other health conditions that I suffered from had also vanished.” Maria C, USA

“I have read virtually every guide ever written on Hemorrhoids but it was only the unique alternative treatment outlined in your book that helped me get rid of my debilitating hemorrhoids condition and other annoying symptoms.” Christof B, South Africa


“Dear Jessica, your program is by far the most valuable treatment for Hemorrhoids that I ever encountered.

Being a 10 year Hemorrhoids sufferer, I finally was able to control and gradually eliminate my hemorrhoids in what seems to be nothing short of a miracle.

Your clear and easy to follow step by step plan along with your invaluable personal guidance has restored my life back to normal.

My naturopathic doctor who is also a close friend of mine has recommended your guide and I am so glad they did. I am now able to work, sleep and function as a human being.

I feel relaxed, energized and optimistic. How can I thank you? There are no words to express my gratitude – Peter B, Canada

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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Many people are embarrassed to visit their doctor to have a consultation for their hemorrhoids. It is important to remember that hemorrhoids is a common ailment in the United States for people who are in their fifties and above.

Consulting a doctor when you are experiencing the symptoms of hemorrhoids is always the best thing to do because there are other medical conditions and diseases that have almost similar symptoms like that of hemorrhoids. Your doctor can confirm that the symptoms you have are due to hemorrhoids and not other diseases or medical conditions.

If you don’t have a family doctor to consult with, you can go to other general practitioners like the gastroenterologists, proctologists, and the colon and rectal surgeons who have expertise regarding hemorrhoids.

When consulting a doctor, it is important to describe the symptoms in a detailed manner to have a correct diagnosis for your hemorrhoids. These are some of the issues that you must carefully describe to the doctor: pain, bleeding, mucus or pus, change in bowel habit, change in the shape and characteristics of your stool, swelling, itching, and bulges and protrusions.

Pain – The anal area have many nerve endings that is why it is sensitive to pain. Painful flare-ups are caused by external hemorrhoids. When an internal hemorrhoids are prolapsed, they are also painful. But, not all hemorrhoids will give you the painful feeling.

Bleeding – The color of the blood is an indicator of the location of the bleeding – bright red is from the anal canal and dark red is from the colon. Bleeding does not always indicates hemorrhoids. It can also be associated with more serious medical conditions like colorectal cancer and ulcer.

Mucus or pus – Having some mucus or pus discharge is not associated with hemorrhoids.

Change in bowel habit – When you are under emotional stress, tension, trauma, or diet change, a change will occur in your bowel habit where alternating or chronic diarrhea and constipation may happen.

Change in the shape and characteristics of your stool – When your stool is colored brown or yellow and good in form, then you have a healthy stool. But when there is a change in the shape or color of your stool, it can be a symptom of other medical conditions but not hemorrhoids.

Swelling – A person with hemorrhoids will always have the swelling symptom, but this may also mean other medical conditions like infection.

Itching – Hemorrhoids, food and medicine allergies, skin diseases, stress, etc. can cause chronic itching.

Bulges and protrusions – Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids will cause bulges in the anal canal while external hemorrhoids will have hard bulges located outside of the opening of the anal area.

Not all of these symptoms will lead to a diagnosis of hemorrhoids. Consulting a doctor is not an embarrassing moment. Instead, it is the best way to find out if what you are having are hemorrhoids or not.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Tips To Reduce Pain

A hemorrhoid is an enlarged or twisted vein in the wall of the lower rectum and/or the anus. Hemorrhoids may occur for many reasons, the most common of these are the extra pressure placed on the anorectal area by frequent constipation or by pregnancy; aging, obesity and the frequent use of enemas or suppositories can also be significant factors. Hemorrhoids (or ‘piles’ as they are sometimes called) may be so insignificant that you will hardly notice that there is a problem or they may be so severe that the pain is excruciating and, in the more extreme cases, you may experience bleeding.

Hemorrhoids may be classified as internal or external but it is possible to have both at the same time; these categories are simply referring to the hemorrhoids you can see outside the anal opening and those that are not apparent outside of your body.

Hemorrhoids that are severe enough to require medical treatment are least common in men and women in their 20s or younger. It is estimated that after age 30, however, three-quarters of all Americans will have hemorrhoids that require medical treatment; most of those cases will involve men and pregnant women.


Minor hemorrhoids (internal or external) will not be painful and may go away without treatment of any kind.

A more serious hemorrhoid may bleed and you may notice blood in the toilet bowl, on the feces, on the toilet paper or on your undergarment.

If an internal hemorrhoid becomes large enough it will protrude through the anal opening. Often it can be pushed back inside if it does not go back inside by itself. These protruding internal hemorrhoids quickly become irritated and painful if they are allowed to remain outside. If it cannot be pushed back inside, a visit to the doctor quickly becomes a priority.

External hemorrhoids, if they are large, however, can be painful when attempting to clean the anal area after a bowel movement, they are also subject to blood clots. If a blood clot forms a painful lump may develop and the skin around the anal area will become red. This is not a life threatening situation but it does call for medical intervention.

To Reduce the Frequency and Pain of Hemorrhoids

Sometimes changing your lifestyle or, more importantly, your dietary habits will allow you to avoid a reoccurrence of hemorrhoids.

Adding items with a high fiber content to your diet may be enough to avoid constipation, other tactics may involve drinking six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day, losing excess weight and drinking a fiber supplement. Sitting on a toilet seat while reading a book is bad idea because it increases the pressure on the veins that are likely to become irritated and swell.

If you have an external hemorrhoid, perfumed soap or toilet paper may irritate it. Use a pre-moistened towelette or one of the hemorrhoid products on the market to reduce the pain and discomfort. Try sitting in a tub of warm water to reduce pain or using an ice pack to reduce swelling.

If these ‘home remedies’ do you no good, see your doctor. There is no need to live with the pain of hemorrhoids.